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Kilala97Contest1: Gaurd-to-be by Silvermist109 Kilala97Contest1: Gaurd-to-be by Silvermist109

Starburst: okay... Here goes nothing.... *puffs out chest and starts flying*

Starburst: *gulps* now the fun part... *starts doing tricks and spins in the air*

*starburst spins and falls on the ground*

Starburst: oof. Oowwwww. *touches arm and winces in pain*

Valiant: that was some crash, kiddo, you okay

Starburst: l-lance? What are you doing here? Mom said you would be here till after dinner.

Valiant: well, training was let out a few hours early. Plus, I couldn't wait to see my favorite lil cousin *ruffles starbursts hair* now, about that crash?

Starburst: oh, heh, yeah. I was sorta hoping you didn't see that.

Valiant: *chuckles* I'm pretty sure the ponies in canterlot even saw it

Starburst: lance

Valiant: relax, I'm kidding. What were you doing that made you crash so bad?

Starburst: well, I was watching my dad train with the pegasi guard a few days ago, and I saw them doing amazing flying tricks. I wanted to try them out so that when I'm a trainee, I'll already know the moves. But, *sighs and looks down* because of my stupid wings, I'm probably not even going to make it that far...

Valiant: Hey, kid, keep your head up. You'll get it eventually.

Starburst: *snorts* when? When I'm 80? Lance, you just don't get it. My wings are huge, and I'm small. Like, really small. When I was younger, I could fly easily with them, but now they're just getting bigger! How on earth am I going to be in the guard when I can't even fly right?!? I might as well give up.......

Valiant: ....

Starburst: *tear falls down face*

Valliant: Star, listen. I fail everyday. I trained so hard to get into the guard. I never gave up. They almost didn't let me in because of the whole "prince thing". That never stopped me. I never quit! I know it can be easy to get discouraged but this is ridiculous! Buck up. Sure you'll have some bumps in the road, but that doesn't mean you have to give up. You just, wipe the dirt off *wipes some dirt off starburst* and stand back up and keep trying again.

Starburst: *sniffs* I guess you're right. 

Valiant: of course I am *chuckles*

Starburst: *giggles* 

Valiant: now, how about we get inside, patch you up, then you can show me some of those cool moves you were doing. 

Starburst: *stands up and brushes off some dust and smiles* mmhm

 this takes place roughly around a month after starburst gets her cutie mark. Lance doesn't get coronated until a year later. Also, I think starburst would remember this speech and reword it and give it to fletcher, like seen here…
also, lance looks smaller because hes standing an little bit behind starburst 

Starburst & Lance- :iconkilala97:

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